Technology Associates provides a range of telecommunications field and engineering services for wireless and fiber network operators ranging from small start-up networks to the largest carriers in the world. Our team of professionals are responsible for the deployment of quality engineered networks. We have managed thousands of wireless facilities from design inception to On-Air, and engineered miles upon miles of fiber networks.

Technology upgrades that today provide millions of carrier clients the ability to make calls, send texts and access the internet and other data sources unharnessed and nearly anywhere at high rates of speed.
Technology Associates is a highly qualified and professionally licensed organization managed by veteran telecommunications consultants. With decades of collective experience building telecom infrastructure networks for commercial carriers, utilities, Fortune 500 corporations, and public safety agencies, we are uniquely qualified to design, develop, and manage any existing or new networks.


Technology Associates has an expert team of land use and leasing experts that work on behalf of its clients to help secure land for a telecommunication site. This process includes identifying leasable ground space in a specified search area, negotiating and securing lease proposals, navigating land use ordinances, permitting processes and assisting with environmental review requirements.
Unparalleled in their quality of work, attention to detail and work ethic, Technology Associates and its staff of professionals are ready to help make your new site a reality in the least amount of time possible even in the toughest of markets.


  • Site & Property Location and Feasibility Due Diligence Integrating Project Specific Requirements
  • Lease Negotiation
  • Legal Review
  • Total Cost of Ownership Models
  • Lease Renewals
  • Title Report Review and Clearance
  • Collocation with Tower Owners
  • Commercial Real Estate Leasing
  • Forced Relocations
  • Property Management and Landlord Dispute Resolution
  • Jurisdictional Entitlement Analysis and Process
    Entitlement Applications Submittals
  • Public Hearing and Administration Attendance
  • Community Relations
  • Expert Witness Coordination and Testimony
  • Building Permit Submittal and Approval


Technology Associates’ team of architects, engineers, project managers, and Design Professionals uses our extensive knowledge of Industry standards, local codes, and client specifications to expertly design your wireless facilities. Our in house design group provides all services necessary to support the planning, design, and construction of your telecommunications sites. Our team has nationwide experience designing new cell sites, modifying existing sites, microwave additions, and DAS.


  • Site Design/Feasibility Walk
  • Site Sketch
  • Lease Exhibit
  • Zoning Drawings
  • Photo Simulations/Renderings
  • Construction Drawings – Including All Detail Pages (Civil, Electrical, Structural, Mechanical, Landscape)
  • Tower Mapping
  • Structural Analysis
  • Structural Modifications
  • Geotechnical Reports
  • Stealth Designs
  • Traffic Control Plans
  • Construction Management
  • Balloon Tests
  • Professional Support for Zoning Hearings


TAEC’s development planning and permitting specialists ensure telecommunication site proposals are coordinated to conform to applicable land use laws.  Our specialists manage the review, submittal, and approval of each project through a jurisdictions zoning and building permit process.

Construction Project Management (CPM)

Technology Associates provides expert Construction & Project Management (CPM) services to our clients, focusing on lower client costs, improved quality and timely project delivery. We offer tailored CPM services for our telecommunications clients, whether the projects are new builds, site modifications, or technology enhancements. Our experience as construction managers, in addition to our strong team of deployment professionals, makes us uniquely qualified to manage complex projects for clients.

Technology Associates has decades of experience in engineering and construction. We have designed and built thousands of facilities around the U.S. Our professionals will manage and deliver wireless infrastructure projects to meet the most challenging deadlines and to deliver predictable cost, schedule and quality.
Our CPM Specialized Services include:

  • Cost Control & Schedule Management
  • Quality Management
  • Safety
  • Constructability Analysis
  • Contract Procurement & Administration
  • Subcontractor & Vendor Management
  • Construction Coordination & Field Engineering
  • A&E, Environmental, and Geo-Technical Oversight
  • Construction Management & Site Inspection
  • Change-Order Management
  • Document Control
  • Punch Lists
  • Close-out Documentation

Traffic Control Planning Services

Technology Associates with its experienced team offers site-specific traffic control plans using the latest computer aided drafting software coupled with aerial and ground-level data and images. We also provide full field data collection that allows us to produce highly detailed engineering plans for almost any road in any State for our clients.

Our team leads the way with W.A.T.C.H &  M.U.T.C.D compliant plans and we provide full permitting services with local and State jurisdictions. We have our clients covered when needing temporary traffic control plans and permits for any project.

  • Standard Temporary Traffic Control Plans (TTPC)
  • Engineered Temporary Traffic Control Plans with field data collection
  • W.A.T.C.H. and M.U.T.C.D compliant designs
  • Permit applications and permit submittal’s


From the traditional to the unconventional, Technology Associates is constantly searching for additional ways to provide value. The experts in our Special Initiatives department are constantly receiving feedback from clients to develop and implement new programs to meet the changing environment of the wireless industry.

From our core competencies as program and project managers and engineers, Technology Associates self-performs network design, equipment selection, site acquisition and architectural and engineering drawings. We also perform structural analysis and modifications, along with construction management. Our quality resources are faster and more nimble to meet client and schedule needs.

Besides traditional tower-based networks, we have rolled out LTE and WiMAX 4G networks, including distributed antenna systems and WiFi, as well as microwave, optical, and IP-based backhaul solutions.

Some of the Special Initiatives Technology Associates has undertaken include:
– Dispositions/Decommission Projects
– Site Modification Projects
– Backhaul Solutions
– DAS Solutions
– Small Cell Deployments
– Site Sale Projects
– File and Site Audits
– Scanning Projects
– Network and Data Integrations