Lease Optimization & Reconciliation

These programs focus on the optimization of carrier and tower company lease portfolios and interests therein. Technology Associates implements solutions that provide maximum economic savings and operational flexibility while guaranteeing leaseholders a long-term commitment that works for their goals.

Lease Optimization

Standardizes the basic format of a wireless facility lease to include language and terms that capture and amend site expense reductions, lease expiration renewals, operational enhancements, long-term extensions, and asset disposition.

Lease Reconciliation

Collaborates and syncs the goals and operational needs of lessees on the same facility when those lessees become one through Merger or Acquisition. One new entity. Two existing leases. TAEC’s leasing team works with the landlord to merge into one document the best of each document, while assimilating these agreements into a working solution that encapsulates the goals, interests and rights critical to the new entity.
Our TAEC Team provides:
-National Reach & Capabilities
-Market Expertise
-Lease Portfolio Analysis & Metrics
-Strategy Development
-Negotiation Savvy
-Agreement Processing
-Closing Support
-Systems Design
-Implementation & Operation
-Data Management

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