Site Acquisition Services

Technology Associates provides exceptional site development services including Site Acquisition services throughout the U.S. and across all technological innovations, including Cellular, CDMA, TDMA, GSM, and (E) SMR network deployments. Leveraging our extensive experience and skilled real estate team, Technology Associates takes its clients seamlessly through the entire site acquisition process always meeting their unique standards and needs and exceeding their expectations.

Unparalleled in their quality of work, attention to detail and work-ethic, Technology Associates and its staff of professionals is ready to help make your new site a reality in the least amount of time possible even in the toughest of markets.

TAEC’s Site Acquisition Services include:

-Site & Property location and feasibility due diligence integrating project specific requirements
-Lease Negotiation
-Legal Review
-Total Cost of Ownership Models
-Lease Renewals
-Title Report Review and Clearance
-Collocation with tower owners
-Commercial real estate leasing
-Forced Relocations
-Property Management and Landlord Dispute Resolution

Land-Use Entitlements and Permitting

-Jurisdictional Entitlement Analysis and Process
-Entitlement Applications Submittals
-Public Hearing and Administration Attendance
-Community Relations
-Expert Witness Coordination and Testimony
-Building Permit Submittal and Approval

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