Public Safety

When an emergency occurs, whether it is a Southern California wildfire, a Bay Area earthquake, an Oregon Coast tsunami, a fire in a high-rise building, or an act of terror, first responders must coordinate an effective response. When seconds count, every delay could make the difference between life and death. At the heart of an effective response is successful communications between first responders, dispatchers across multiple agencies and disparate networks, and the public.

Technology Associates has been involved in national security consulting at the highest levels of the government and the military. Today, with its focus on wireless and convergence telecommunications, TAEC professionals have successfully built critical Land Mobile Radio communications networks for state and local governments nationwide. Because of our proven experience in planning, designing and building hundreds of critical infrastructure communications systems, we understand your needs.

TAEC delivers excellence by providing the critical professional resources to build telecom networks that seamlessly integrate mission critical voice, video and/or data; over Microwave, Land Mobile Radio, Fiber/SONET, WiMAX/LTE, Voice-Over-LTE, WiFi, the latest communications technology advances. From planning, design, installation, integration, and commissioning of secure communications systems, to the development of fixed and transportable communications sites, TAEC offers a complete portfolio of critical communications solutions to meet our clients’ needs.


Interoperable Communications


When responding to complex situations, whether it is a high-speed pursuit or a large-scale disaster, coordinated public safety agencies, often from multiple jurisdictions, must be able to mount a sophisticated response. Client agencies must be able to exchange information on a real-time basis, even when the responding agencies are using different technologies or different manufacturers’ equipment. Communications must work seamlessly without the need for custom hardware or software to integrate these networks. TAEC designs and implements interoperability solutions in accordance with the DHS/SAFECOM guidelines and APCO Project 25 standards, connecting critical resources across agencies and jurisdictions, while linking private and public networks, and bridging two-way radio systems with emerging mobile broadband networks.


Operations Command and Control Dispatch


During a public safety event or crisis situation, the focus must be safety, protection, coordinated response, and restoring order. To be effective, responding agencies coordinate through incident command centers using the best tools for immediate access to accurate information, and must use that information to quickly deploy available responders and resources. Technology Associates has a long history of developing and staffing ops center solutions, using such technologies as Asset Management and Logistics, CAD, AVL, Video Analytics, NG-911, and other up-to-date technology resources. Our professionally trained experts and solutions provide dispatch personnel with the analytical power to recognize trends, maximize effective deployment, manage operations, and anticipate problems before they arise. Our track record of standing up operations centers for the federal government, the military, and state and local agencies speaks for itself.