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Greatness Is Where It Starts

We take pride in our company and and the work we do. We do great things. That is our starting point each day. We have great clients. We provide them with great service. Those services are performed and delivered by great people. Greatness is where it starts.

Responsiveness, Reliability and Resourcefulness

The 3Rs of client satisfaction and our commitment to our clientele. We are solutions providers. Subject-matter experts in our field. As a result, we respond reliably utilizing all of our collective resources to deliver for our clients on time, on budget, above expectations, in furtherance of the goals we share with our clients.

Bringing Tomorrow Today

Technology is ever-changing. Today’s cycle time of innovation has truncated from years to a matter of months. Our mission is to know what our clients need tomorrow today. By staying on top of innovation, by knowing where our clients will be in a year or three or five, we deliver best-in-class technologies and performance to our clients with a keen eye toward delivering tomorrow’s technology today.

Quality Drives Value

In today’s robust technology marketplace, the visionless run to the lowest common denominator. When you cannot compete in the field with a quality result, you compete on price. Our prices are competitive, but our success is been built on quality performance. Telecom services, engineering, and technical services. Focused professionalism. You will find value in our commitment to quality in everything we do.


We like what we do. That is why we are in this business. Fun is found in success, in delivering a quality result, in mastering a critical solution for our clients. When work is fun, our lives are richer for it. We take that fun home with us each night.




Jay Sample is President and CEO of TAEC providing executive management and leadership borne of over 22 years of experience in the telecommunications sector, 11 of which Mr. Sample has spent at the executive management level. Mr. Sample is responsible for financial management, including projects budgeted at over $150+ million, corporate development, and professional staff training. In addition to corporate oversight, Mr. Sample is actively involved in expanding client relationships and acquiring new business, with over $150M in sales to date. Working to create continuity and synergy among TAEC markets and divisions, Mr. Sample frequents each company location overseeing changes and innovations within the company. Mr. Sample joined Technology Associates in 2005, was appointed Vice President in 2010, named President in 2014 and elected CEO in 2018. Prior to gravitating to the burgeoning telecommunications sector, Mr. Sample was a successful private real estate development professional. He is a graduate of Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah.




Mark Grimes has over 25 years professional experience in the Wireless and Public Safety Telecommunications industry, as well as significant business development and management experience in the following fields: Energy, Power Solutions, GIS, Security, Asset Management, Environmental Consulting, and Government Contracting. He is a business development and management consulting professional, with backgrounds in convergence telecom and synergistic professional disciplines, including Executive Management roles and Boards of Directors responsibility.
Mr. Grimes’ professional experience includes consulting, management, engineering, and deployment services for wireless and public safety telecom network infrastructure projects. He has lead the acquisition of new business in excess of $475M across his career.
Mr. Grimes expertise includes executive and director-level management, administration, operations, sales, and financial reporting; providing professional staff training on project and program management responsibilities; and corporate development activities that include a particular expertise in extending an existing company’s services portfolio into new sectors, forging collaboration, alliances, and expansion in league with strategic partners. He is a graduate of the University of Missouri, Columbia, and the John F. Kennedy School of Law.

Mr. Grimes knows wine and can beat Jay Sample in golf and fantasy football.